What we do

Primeore Group delivers a variety of key commodities, other solutions, consulting and IT services to its customers and partners mainly operating in ferroalloys, steel and metallurgical coke industries with services, however, being eventually applicable in other sectors and industries

The offer of the Group has been evolving over time from pretty limited to a today’s diverse range of key commodities being delivered to ferroalloy, steel and metallurgical coke industries plus value-added and distinctive professional, consulting and IT services applicable not only to previously said industries but to a wider economic and business context

Products and services

The Group intends to become a one-stop shop for its customers when any customer while cooperating with the Group may secure the widest possible access to raw material supply sources at one procurement point. With that philosophy in mind the Group has been undertaking steps to expand its products portfolio and additionally added thereto a sub-portfolio of professional consulting and IT services focused, in fact, not only on the key industries the Group has been historically active in but on a much wider area.

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Manganese ore

Manganese ore is a key commodity for ferroalloy industry used to produce ferroalloys which then are used mostly in steel industry to impart special properties to steel …

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Ferroalloys is a key and unique input used to impart special properties to steel and thereby design a variety of steel type and grades used in various sectors of economy ...

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Metallurgical coke

The metallurgical coke and coke breeze are nowadays used by majority of blast furnaces as fuel and chemical agent. Their use allows to increase effectiveness of metallurgical processes …

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Metallurgical coal

The metallurgical coal is used by metallurgy as fuel and chemical agent; but mainly metallurgical coal is used as a commodity for producing metcoke. Quality of coal matters a lot for both industries and wider communities …

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There is a lot of use cases for quartzite but one of the most important from the Group’s perspective is use of quartzite in ferroalloys industry where it is used to produce some special grades of ...

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Professional and consulting services mix includes business planning and investment management, marketing, procurement and sales management, IT consulting and IT services …

Our purpose does not stand for to just sell the products to our customer but to enhance our customers’ effectiveness and productivity and finally success and well being, therefore our activities and approaches are being implemented precisely with that purpose in mind.         

Due to that philosophy we expanded our product portfolio and added thereto a formidable set of consulting and other services which we consider as an important and vital part of our overall offer to our customers and partners

Our approaches

We do believe that principles are important instrument that helps navigating throughout various aspects of life including business, proper principles allow to achieve better long term and sustainable results. As the Group was evolving and growing, we developed and adopted certain principles which we try to follow.

  • We do believe that long term and fair cooperation with all stakeholders is more fruitful and sustainable than any short-term immediate results;
  • We do believe that our success is not possible without success of the counterparties and partners we deal with;
  • We do believe that transparency is very much important factor of mutual confidence which on the other hand is crucial for successful and fruitful cooperation;
  • We do believe that our employees and local communities are equally important like customers, suppliers and other business partners.

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