Metallurgical coal

People have so far been familiar with and used coal for millennia. Today coal still plays vital role for many industrial and household needs and is a fossil fuel most widely used by humanity. The quality of coal is a critical factor considered by all industries, thus we pay careful attention to ensure that only highest quality products are duly delivered to our customers

The metallurgical coal is used by metallurgy as fuel and chemical agent; but, mainly met coal is used as a commodity for producing metcoke. The quality of coal is a crucial factor affecting quality and cost of final products, so we carefully select supply sources. We supply many types of coal for metallurgy and coke producing sector. As the quality coal matters a lot for both industries and wider communities, we manage that interests of all stakeholders are accounted

Cooperation with metcoke manufacturers is an organic extension of the Group’s trading activities as this commodity perfectly matches the Group’s competences and expertise profile. Moreover, the Group had an excellent opportunity to effectively leverage its standing and reputation within the basic hard commodities community. Our philosophy remains unchanged, we stay committed to our customers from the industry and wider communities’ interests and deliver only higher quality products which allow our customers reach their business goals but at the same time optimize impact on other aspects of people’s everyday life.

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More than 2 years of cooperation with renowned market players

Our intensive exposure to manganese ore and metcoke trading allowed us to expand into coal trading further and rather successfully as the metallurgical coal consumers sector is very much close and related to manganese ore and metcoke. We successfully leveraged our expertise and knowledge and could even achieve certain synergy therefore

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Steadily growing business segment with very promising prospects

Even though the Group has got involved into metallurgical coal trading pretty recently the volume of trading increased rather quickly whereon we secured to onboard solid customers very well known in the sector. We do believe that we succeeded in development of this business due to our in-depth knowledge of the sector and hands-on practical expertise

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Annual sales stand for about 120K metric tons

Comparatively the volume of metallurgical coal trading segment volume is not very substantial – however not invisible one – but we think it is very important as we may deliver to our customers more complex raw material supply solution and to become one-stop shop for some of them as well as to acquire new customers and partners

We do believe that cooperation with our suppliers is a unique ground that allows us to excel our offer to our customers and thus we do appreciate such cooperation and treat our suppliers as genuine partners on whom we may rely to succeed. Our philosophy is to act like a value-added ridge between the suppliers and buyers and thereby enabling them to achieve the extraordinary results

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