There is a lot of use cases for quartzite but one of the most important from the Group’s perspective is use of quartzite in ferroalloys industry where our expertise and area of interest lays upon. In ferroalloys industry quartzite is a unique source of silicon which plays a vital role in manufacturing of some types of ferroalloys

Quartzite products are important for our products mix as we understand how beneficial a larger scope of products and services available at one point of procurement may be beneficial for the customers and better suiting their requirements. Therefore, despite a relatively smaller trading volume we do pay careful attention to all aspect of our performance be it quality of the products themselves or supply reliability and sustainability

The Group is a supplier of quartzite products that may be used for various applications like ferroalloy manufacturing, construction and building materials sectors, road construction etc. All particularities of the deliveries are adjustable so that all requirements and needs of the customers are met. 

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Many years of presence at the market

The Group is active on the quartzite market for many years supplying various types of quartzite applicable at various sectors like ferroalloy, construction, building and decorative materials industries, however the major focus is made on supply of metallurgical quartzite where the key competences and expertise of the Group concentrated

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Diverse product mix perfectly adjusted to the Group’s business profile

The Group supplies various types and grades of quartzite being used for many applications and this business perfectly suits the Group business profile as in-depth and practical understanding of the industries where quartzite is being used allows us to offer the most optimal solutions for our customers and partners

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Sales volume reaching 400K MT annually

Despite of the fact that quartzite trading is rather niche sector for the Group we do believe that integrity of our offer, whereon the Group may be a one-stop shop for its customers and partners, is more important than purely financial weight of a single trading segment

Historically quartzite products are being supplied by the subsidiary company of the Group which is Production Innovation Trading LLC located in Ukraine close to the supply source of the products. The company possesses hand-on and in-depth experience and expertise in quartzite products what guarantee high quality of products and excellent service.

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