Ferroalloys mostly relate to steel industry where about 87% of alloys are currently – year 2020 AD – consumed. The whole variety of steel grades – stainless steel, heat-resistant, high-strength, structural steel and vast variety of other grades and specifications – can be produced mainly thanks to application of various ferroalloys

Ferroalloys play crucial role on the steel industry landscape and their quality is a paramount factor of achieving desirable and useful technical results as well as operational and financial efficiency. Ensuring that ferroalloys of appropriate quality that perfectly suit the needs of our customers has long ago got emerged into our mission. We supply various grades of ferroalloys worldwide on various terms applying flexible commercial and other arrangements that meet customers’ expectations.

Our customers represent a highly diverse community commencing from final users who apply ferroalloys to their manufacturing needs – for example steel producers – and continuing to traders of various business sizes and product focus. The variety of products we are delivering and in-depth understanding of particularities of underlying businesses where ferroalloys are used allow us to meet the varied needs and requirements of different markets players

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Over 6 years of cooperation with renowned market players

With knowledge of a crucial role that ferroalloys play in achieving required properties and quality of final products and our customer’s performance and success the Group pays genuine and careful attention to all aspects of its offer, such strategy helped us to become a supplier for many renowned and demanding market players

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Annual sales exceed 160 thousand MT

Ferroalloys hold pretty visible portion in the Group’s overall trading business which was growing due to expansion of the Group’s customer’s base and geography of operations what took place due to trade-off in no aspect of our products and services offer

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Worldwide outreach of commercial operations

The Group deliver ferroalloys to somewhat a dozen of destinations and services thereby about 20 customers which regularly offtake ferroalloys and the Group offers them various commercial, delivery and financial arrangements which meet customer’s production and marketing needs and requirements

The cooperation with our suppliers of ferroalloys is shaping a foothold which allow us to link up with needs and requirements of our customers, that is why we do value our suppliers and try to be transparent, fair and think long term. At the same time, we are very selective in choosing procurement sources as they define the quality of goods and services we deliver to our customers and we leave no space for any compromise with regard to these issues

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