We are inspired by success and prosperity of our customers and partners

Primeore Group is keen to become a reliable partner and to the maximum possible extent a one-stop shop for customers from ferroalloy, steel and metcoke industries. With regard to that we very carefully select products, services and solutions which we deliver to our customers to ensure that they are perfectly suited to their needs

Primeore Group is a multicommodity trading and professional services group of companies focused on cooperation with ferroalloys, steel and coke manufacturing businesses. Everything we do we do with genuine responsibility and with careful regard to interests and concerns of all stakeholders either they are our customers and partners, or employees and shareholders, or wider communities. Such care and responsibility have long ago become our business and personal philosophy

The Group is dedicated to a mission of becoming a reliable and trustworthy partner for players within ferroalloys, steel and other close and related industries delivering a wide  spectrum of key commodities and services. We are looking forward to establishing sustainable, long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and customers. And we pay a veritable attention so that the whole team would be sharing such mission as we do believe that collectively shared and thoughtful effort allows us to advance forward and further develop

We are convinced that values and responsibility are a sound ground for success and prosperity. Following our values and responsibility applied to everything we do allow us in cooperation with and for the benefit of our customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders and wider communities to accomplish extraordinary and sustainable achievements and finally reach success in the broadest sense

The values which the Group has adopted form a business philosophy which pirouette around our partners’ – both customers and suppliers – interests and prosperity and we deem that their success and prosperity is a crucial factor of our success and prosperity

Group at a glance

More than 7 sucessful years on the market

50+ employees with three geographies

More than 25 happy customers and partners

Annual sales of the group exceeds USD 300 million

Commercial operations outreaching three continents

Focused products and services mix perfectly suiting customers needs

Our products & solutions