Metallurgical coke

Metcoke, as a component substantially affecting chemical composition of the resulting final products and effectiveness of technological processes, plays thereby very crucial role in ferroalloy section. With that knowledge in mind we carefully select supply sources of products so that our customers could further thrive and achieve extraordinary results

The metallurgical coke and coke breeze are nowadays used by majority of blast furnaces as fuel and chemical agent. Their use allows to increase effectiveness of metallurgical processes and for an account of multiple factors reduce production costs and improve productivity. We supply various types of metallurgical coke and do care that products, commercial arrangements around deliveries and other terms would perfectly match the customers’ needs and requirements

Together with manganese ore metallurgical coke plays very important role in ferroalloys manufacturing process and quality of the coke crucially impact the quality of the final product – i.e. ferroalloys – and overall production effectiveness. With that understanding in mind we thoroughly follow an approach of careful selection of the procurement sources ensuring that the highest quality products – satisfying at the same time the customers’ needs in all other respects – are supplied to our customers.

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Over 4 years of cooperation with renowned market players

Our reputation in manganese ore business allowed us to successfully expand our business into metcoke trading where we found superior support from our customers which on the other hand allowed us to build sound and genuine relationships with the coke suppliers what together with key competences in ferroalloy sector created a value to all stakeholders involved

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Commercial operations of pan- and inter-continental outreach

The Group is involved into trading by coke originating from various destinations what is determined by the production, marketing and logistic particularities the customers are at a time encountering. We look for to stay flexible so that the customers are offered with the solutions that are optimal from various standpoints

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Annual sales stand for about 150K metric tons

Since an inception of metcoke trading operations the Group very quickly increased its volume to rather visible portion in the overall trading operations because of having an expertise in ferroalloys industry related issues and synergy with other trading segments like manganese ore where the Group intends to become one stop shop for more products delivered to its customers

Relations with our suppliers of metcoke is a crucial factor that is affecting our ability to be a reliable partner for our customers so we pay attention and do care about them. In practice that means that we are keen to be transparent, open, honest and explicit while doing business with the suppliers. On the other hand, we do expect that our suppliers would behave in accordance with the alike principles. Our philosophy stands for building a bridge between interest of our suppliers and customers and we do hope that we do this professionally and satisfactory for all stakeholders involved

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