Who we are

Primeore Group is a multicommodity trading house having a major focus on ferroalloy, steel and coke industries. We deliver key commodities for such industries as well as deliver professional, consulting and IT services for those industries in particular and though beyond them to a wider spectrum of economic agents

Emerged as a mono product trading house back at the beginning of year 2014 the Group till this day has got transformed into an institution which offers a diverse portfolio of products and professional and consulting services to its customers and partners mainly in ferroalloy, steel and metcoke and related industries where our major competences and passion fall within

Our history

Our history dates back to year 2014 when the company was then established as a mono-product trading outlet merely involved into manganese ore operations.

With the lapse of time –  but however not at all accidentally – the Group by the year 2019 organically transformed into a multi-commodities trader serving ferroalloys,  steel and metcoke industries whereon we could successfully leverage our industry expertise and capitalize on our team’s strengths.

At the start our vision was to become a one-stop shop where a variety of complex needs of our customers could met and sophisticatedly satisfied. Today we deliver to our customers a focused group of crucial commodities – manganese ore, ferroalloys, coke and coal products – but our offer is not limited solely by physical commodities.

We are arranging a set of trade accompanying services like insurance, inspection, chartering and a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art management and business supporting and consulting services.

Our strategical focus is to further proceed as a one-stop shop for the customers from ferroalloy and steel industries whereon any customer who decides to work with us would have a possibility to receive as much product options as possible with highest possible quality and in most comfortable and convenient way

Our convictions

We value everything we do and every counterparty we deal with. We do value and think important the process of doing as well as the goal and result, because our conviction is that the way we achieve our goals and goals and results themselves are equally important.

With that conviction in mind we pursue our goals with paying careful attention to interests, goals and purpose of all compeers involved directly as well as those of other stakeholders that may casually be affected in course.

Our external mission stands for helping and encouraging our partners and customers to become more effective and efficient because as per our honest belief the more efficient and successful our customers and partners are the easier can we reach our own goals and become more successful.

Our internal mission consists in creating value for and bonging success to our shareholders and we consider that such ideation is a backbone of management/shareholders relations. However, we do not think that sustainability in this realm may be achieved without excelling on our external mission.


We are persuaded that our capacity to get our missions and our goals implemented and achieved relies to the great extent on our team’s traits and spirit. While the head count of our team overruns 50 members, each member has been – and in future shall be – carefully assessed so that one would share our values, vision and purpose.

The competences of the Group’s team are quite diverse what allows the Group to do what we currently do with high level of accomplishment. Our team skills and competences vary – to name just a few – from manufacturing to trade finance and investment banking, from financial management to international trade, from taxation to IT and from engineering to M&A and logistics.

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